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Book Club to Go

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Book Club to Go (BC2G)?
A: A Book Club to Go is a bag that contains ten paperback copies of a single title and is intended for use by book clubs or reading groups. Along with the books, each bag contains a list of discussion questions, discussion leader tips, and a sign out sheet to help keep track of the contents of the bag. 

Q: What are your criteria for selecting books?
A: We try to choose the titles meeting the following criteria:
* The book is interesting and/or provocative enough to prompt discussion and create dialogue among participants.
* The book contains strong themes, complex characters, or interesting/unusual situations.
* The themes of the book are universal and stretch beyond place and time.
* Characters face difficult decisions, often of a moral or ethical nature.
* The book can be read on multiple occasions, with the reader discovering something new each time.
* Readers may interpret the book in a variety of ways.
* The book is available in paperback.
* Discussion questions are available online.

Q: Who can borrow a BC2G bag?
A: Any Monterey County Free Libraries (MCFL) and any Salinas Public Library (SPL) patron with a valid library card can borrow a BC2G bag. SPL and MCFL cards are free and available to all. To apply for a MCFL card use online form: To apply for a SPL card, please visit any SPL branches.

Q: I would like to start a book club. Can you help me?
A: Yes, we have some literature on book clubs and reading groups available. Please check our Selected Resources for Book Clubs web page.

Q: May I request a bag for next month?
A: Requests for specific bags/titles should be made at least three months in advance. However, you may contact your BC2G Coordinator to find out if any bags are available on shorter notice.

Q. My group meets monthly. May I borrow a bag every month?
A. Yes, you can reserve titles up to a year in advance. However, an individual is only allowed to have one bag checked out at a time. We recommend having two members alternate reservations so that during the meeting you can have the bag with your current book along with another bag with your next month book.

Q: How do I reserve a bag?
A: MCFL cardholders can reserve bags by filling out our online form.
calling us at (831) 899-2055, or by email at: 

SPL cardholders can reserve BC2G bags by calling Sean Briscoe, Program Coordinator at (831) 758-7041, or by email at:

Check the bags location at Title List:

Patrons who have both library cards have a choice of using any of the above methods of contacting us. Rule of thumb: for bags located at MCFL it is easier and faster to reserve them at MCFL, for bags located at SPL it is easier and faster to reserve them at SPL.

Q. May I reserve a bag from the Online Catalog?
A. Unfortunately, not at this time. 

Q: Is it possible to choose the branch library where I’d like to pick up the bag?
A: Yes, you may pick the bag up at any of our locations.

Q: My group has less than ten members. Can I check out only a few items from the bag?
A: Bags must be checked out as a whole; individual contents cannot be checked out separately.

Q: My group has more than ten members. Do you have bags with more than ten books?
A: Please use your library’s online catalog to request additional copies of the title as needed. However, these books will be subject to the regular three-week borrowing period. 

Q: Some of our members prefer Large Print books or audio books. Do any of your bags contain those items?
A: Many of the books are available in Large Print and audio. Check your library’s online catalog to request the title in a different format. However, these books will be subject to the regular three-week borrowing period. 

Q: Some of our members like reading eBooks or listening to eAudio. What to do?
A: The BC2G bags contain only print books, but many titles are also available for download. Check your library’s online catalog.

Q: How long may I keep the BC2G bag?
A: Bags and their contents can be checked out for a period of six weeks.

Q: Is it possible to renew a bag?
A: The bags cannot be renewed, but if you need more time please contact your BC2G Coordinator.

Q: How can I cancel a reservation?
A: To cancel a reservation, please contact your BC2G Coordinator.

Q. Can my group members return their own books to the library?
A. No, the bag must be returned in person with all copies of the book at the same time.

Q: Is it possible to use the book drop to return a bag when the library is closed?
A: Bags must be returned to a library staff member during open hours. They cannot be placed in the book drop.

Q: Do I have to return a bag to the same branch I checked it out from?
A: Bags checked out at any branches of MCFL can be returned at any branch of MCFL. Bags checked out at SPL should be returned to any branch of SPL. However, bags checked out at MCFL cannot be returned to SPL or vice versa.

Q: What if I am late returning a bag?
A: Overdue bags will be charged a fee of 25 cents per day. Please call your BC2G Coordinator to find out if another group needs the bag right away.

Q: What if I am late returning one item from a bag?
A: You will be asked to keep the bag until the remaining item is found. BC2G Coordinator will find out if another group needs the bag right away. If not, you may get an extension for some days.

Q. One of my group members forgot to return their book; who is responsible for it?
A. Per the lending agreement, the person who checked out the bag is responsible for the bag and all of its contents. 

Q. What should I do if a book is lost or damaged?
A. If your group loses or damages a book you have two options: replace it with another copy of the book that is the same edition and in good condition or pay the replacement fee of $15 for the book.

Q: What if the bag itself is damaged?
A: The replacement fee for a bag is $25.

Q: What if I lose an entire bag including the contents?
A: The replacement fee for a bag and its contents is $150.

Q. Can my book club suggest titles for the program?
A. Yes, click on the Suggestions Box and let us know your ideas! 

Q: Do you have books in languages other than English?
We currently have several bags with books in Spanish and a number of Spanish/English bilingual bags as well. 

Q. Does my local library have space for my group to meet?
A. Many of the SPL and MCFL libraries have meeting spaces. Please call or visit your local branch to find out.


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